After 8 years of living abroad in the fast-paced and consumer-driven city of London, Glenn and Leanne felt the pull towards a life of deeper meaning. Hearing about the positive impact a UK-based charity was making in Nepal, they decided to follow their hearts to a small village in the foothills of Mt Everest.

For 12 months, Leanne worked as a health nurse in the local community while Glenn built desks for a science lab funded by Rural Assistance Nepal. Inspired by the resilience of a people less fortunate they returned to Kathmandu with a new outlook and the hope

Kailash Humla Children’s Home Australia is a not for profit, non-political and non-religious charity. This charity has been formed as a partnership of Glen Mackley and Leanne Papas, with the support of many compassionate people.

On their return to Kathmandu, they met Pema Lama whom was their teacher for many months during the stay. Over several meetings, they learnt of the plight of his village of Humla and met some of the children.