About Pema

I was born and grew up in Humla. Due to the lack of a proper education system, I became a Buddhist monk when I was eleven years old and spent thirteen years living in the monastery. When I was fourteen years old, I began to think about helping people in Humla get a better education and, thereby, live a better life. When I was eighteen years old, I taught the younger children in the monastery. In 2001 , I moved to Kathmandu, but I return to Humla several times a year to connect with my family, friends, and community there.

So, since my childhood I have had a dream of helping my Humla community. Due to lack of financial resources and knowledge, it has been very hard for me to start helping the people in the way I would like to help. However, kind and warm support from my friends and sponsors has been essential to solving this problem.

I always pray for the betterment and improvement of Humla’s social, cultural, environmental, economic, and educational situation. I am doing my best in this respect, and I am and will always be working to help the community without any hope of self-benefit.

What do I personally have to say? If your heart is gladdened upon hearing of our goals and ambitions, I request your assistance, and invite you to help us in any way you can. If you are able to help us through financial support, that’s wonderful and we are grateful. If you are unable to support us financially, we welcome any advice or input regarding our goals and how best to accomplish them. If you are unable to help in this way, we sincerely appreciate your good wishes, positive thoughts, and prayers.