During Pema’s visit in October, we discussed our future plans with the goal of helping to make the community self-sustainable within 20 years. This is a bold target which the village needs our support to achieve, howeer they are as committed to financial independence as we are to helping them realise their dreams.

We have shared our fundraising goals below to give you an idea of our strategy and timeline.

One of our more immediate and short-term goals is to help the Children’s Home to purchase a Himalayan Cow, which will provide the children with milk as well as a potential income source. We are currently fundraising for this through our Christmas sales and markets and are well on the way to being able to give Pema the good news.

Hostel Kitchen

  • Food is currently cooked within the hostel on open fire which is not good for the children’s health. Building a kitchen will also free up space inside the hostel to eventually house extra children.

Grocery Shop

  • This would be built as an extension to the kitchen building, providing the hostel with the opportunity to make income by selling groceries to the local community.

Tea House

  • A tea house will allow the hostel to trade with and supply trekkers on route to Mount Kailash, the most sacred pilgrimage mountain in Tibet. This will provide another source of income for the Hostel.