We were blessed to have Lama Pema stay with us for two weeks in October. During this time we were able to learn more about Humla and Pema was able to meet and thank many of our supporters in person.

This was beneficial for all involved in the charity, as it renewed our drive and focused our efforts to set up a clear plan for a future sustainable community.

Lama Pema is the reason we started this charity – he is humble, kind and driven to educate and facilitate a future for his community. Without his impetus and commitment to make a difference, the hope and strength of the Humla people would not shine so bright.

We’ve shared some of the photos from his trip below so that those of you who did not have the chance to meet Pema in person can see how warmly he was received by our Brisbane supporters.

Thank you to all that were involved in making Pema’s trip a great success.